Jeff VanderMeer Interviewed on Strange Horizons

Everyone’s a Rebel: An Interview with Jeff VanderMeer By Cynthia Hawkins in Strange Horizons, 4 January 2010.

Shortly after detective John Finch first hustles up five flights of steps and right into the impossible minefield of his next assignment, author Jeff VanderMeer details Finch: “Written on a wall at a crime scene: Everyone’s a collaborator. Everyone’s a rebel. The truth and the weight in each. Sweating under his jacket, through his shirt. Boots heavy on his feet. Always a point of no return, and yet he kept returning. I am not a detective. I am not a detective.”* Finch, unwittingly working for the fungal enemy invaders, must investigate the murder of a human and a “gray cap,” an investigation which nudges him into the crosshairs of both sides while he grapples with doing what’s right.

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