Michael Dirda reviews Blackout by Connie Willis

Cover of Blackout by Connie WillisThe March 11th 2010 issue of the Washington Post had a review of Connie Willis’ new novel Blackout. You can read the full review at the Washington Post website.

Here’s a quote:

“Blackout” plunges the reader right into the middle of three key happenings of 1940: the rescue of the British troops from Dunkirk, the evacuation of children to rural villages and country houses, and the life of ordinary Londoners during the Blitz. Every detail rings true, with the kind of authority that only intense research can bring. Still, all of Willis’s knowledge is subsumed in her bravura storytelling: “Blackout” is, by turns, witty, suspenseful, harrowing and occasionally comic to the point of slapstick.

The book in in stores now and

That said, “Blackout” does end with a cliffhanger, which may leave some readers dissatisfied: The whole story won’t be completely resolved till October when Ballantine/Spectra publishes a second and concluding volume titled “All-Clear.” Still, this is Connie Willis, my friends, which means she’s worth reading now, and she’s worth reading in the future.

So, you’ll want to have read Blackout prior to Capclave 2010 and depending on the release date All Clear.

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