Jeff VanderMeer reviews Dexter Palmer’s The Dream of Perpetual Motion

Cover of The Dreams of Perpetual Motion by Dexter PalmerSteampunk has gotten quite popular. Jeff and Ann VanderMeer have edited a new collection of steampunk fiction, Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded, which will be available in October … just in time for Capclave.

With their interest in steampunk fiction, it’s no surprise that Jeff VanderMeer reviewed Dexter Palmer’s The Dream of Perpetual Motion in The New York Times Sunday Book Review. To read the full review go to the article, Malevolent Design. Here’s the first paragraph of the review:

In his tragicomic first novel, “The Dream of Perpetual Motion,” Dexter Palmer takes elements from Nabokov, Neal Stephenson, Steven Millhauser and “The Tempest,” tosses them into a retro-futuristic blender and hits “purée.” The result is a singular riff on steampunk — sophisticated, subversive entertainment that never settles for escapism.

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