Why the Dodo? And yes, that is Connie Willis with Dodos.

Connie Willis with DodosWhy the Dodo:
When we started our annual convention and named it Capclave, we decided we needed a mascot.  It took a couple of years, but suddenly it was 2005 and our Guest of Honor that year was Howard Waldrop who’d written a very funny and poignant story called “The Ugly Chicken.” So, we had lots of dodos at the convention.

We decided that the Dodo would make a good mascot for Capclave because Capclave celebrates short fiction and reading. We also began to use the phrase: Capclave, where reading is not extinct. While the Dodo lives in our hearts, we’ll continue to celebrate reading, good stories, and good fellowship because they should never be allowed to go extinct.

As we’re gearing up for Capclave 2010, we tend to take our Dodos out to conventions to talk about Capclave. (Did I mention the Dodos are puppets?) Capclave this year will have three Guests of Honor: Connie Willis, Ann VanderMeer, and Jeff VanderMeer. The convention will be held 22-24 October 2010 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville, Executive Meeting Center, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland 20852. (Check our website for registration information.)

Dodo Photos:
Just how did we get a photo of Connie Willis with our Dodos? Well, as I said, members of WSFA are attending conventions and bringing Dodos with them — after all Dodos make very good companions. One WSFAn spotted our Guest of Honor and asked for a photo. Connie being a very good sport posed with these two very friendly and well-read Capclave Dodos.

So, if you see us at a convention with a Dodo, ask about our convention, and we’ll be more than willing to tell you what a great time you’ll have if you join us for Capclave 2010. We may even take your photo with one of our Dodos for our website.

NOTE: We’re capping membership at 500 this year. Also, WSFA Press will be premiering two books at Capclave (details here). We’re only printing 500 copies of each book and they are available for preorders to Capclave members and will be available for purchase at Capclave. The books are: The Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod, by Jeff VanderMeer and Fire Watch by Connie Willis.

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