Connie Willis discusses Lincoln’s Dream with Spectra

Cover of Lincoln's Dream by Connie WillisIt’s been 23 years since the publication of Connie Willis’ Lincoln’s Dream.

Suvudo has an interview with Connie Willis about Lincoln’s Dream and writing up on their site. Here’s the intro:

Twenty-three years ago, Spectra published LINCOLN’S DREAMS, by Connie Willis, which would go on to win the John W. Campbell Award. Connie happily talks about her experience working on the book and being a part of the Spectra family, and her editor for the book, Shawna McCarthy, discusses what it was like working with Connie:

“The thing I most remember about LINCOLN’S DREAMS is that after it came out, people kept coming up to talk to me not about the novel, but about their dreams. They’d tell me, in detail, about dreams they’d had and ask me what they meant.

Check out the entire article at the above link.

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