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Capclave is next month. Where has the time gone? I have no idea, but things are progressing. I haven’t written about the big news because I was waiting for some technical issues to get ironed out. The news is filtering out, so, WSFA Press is producing a limited edition of several of Harry Turtledove’s short stories titled Reincarnations. This is a great collection that includes a new story and several that heven’t been reprinted. There will also be a number of numbered and presigned copies of the collection. You can preorder now, but the electroniuc payment system is being messed with by the wonderful folks at a certain online payment site. It should be fixed soon.

In other news, the programming is coming together. The program should be fun with several new features to Capclave.

If you haven’t signed up, make sure you get in before the switch to at the door pricing October 1st. Those who are eligible for the Military, Student, or wounded veteran your price is the same no matter when you sign up. $20 for Saturday or $25 for the weekend.

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