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We’ve recently begun a full update of the email addresses on our e-mail notification list.  However, we’ve run into a tiny technical glitch.  While some of you have sent us e-mail asking to be on our list, and some of you have registered on-line and asked to be on the list, the vast majority of people signed up using our “Capclave Wants You” form.  The technical glitch is that the form doesn’t actually ask if you want us to add your email address to our list.

As a fervant “opt-in” person, I can not in good conscious use the email address you provided for registration purposes, unless you actually want me to.

Therefore, I’m asking all of you who read this blog, and who would like to be on our e-mail notification list, to send me an email at the webmaster account at the domain.


Paul Haggerty/Webmaster

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