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Semi-Final Program Grid for Jennifer Barnes

This is the Semi-Final program schedule. Jennifer Barnes may or may not actually be on these items, but probably will. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, modifications to the program can occur throughout the convention.

Friday 6:00 pm: Buy My Book (Ends at: 6:55 pm)
Panelists: Philippa Ballantine, Jennifer Barnes, John Edward Lawson, Michael A. Ventrella (M)
Self promotion and you. Nervous about talking about your books and stories? There are some things you should do and avoid when talking about your writing.
Friday 7:00 pm: Doctor Jerky and Mr. Hide: Private & Public Personas (Ends at: 7:55 pm)
Panelists: Jennifer Barnes, Craig Alan Loewen, Tee Morris, Bud Sparhawk (M)
Do some authors put on a false front at cons and interviews to gain attention? Should others hide their beliefs/views to avoid offending potential readers? Have you self-censored something you almost wrote/said and why? What do you do when a reader assumes the author believes the ideas expressed by characters (even the villain)?
Friday 8:00 pm: Perishing Publishers (Ends at: 8:55 pm)
Panelists: Jennifer Barnes, Andrew Fox, James Maxey, Ian Randal Strock (M), K. Ceres Wright
Do authors still need publishers in the kickstarter/ebook age? What are the success rates of these projects? Are publishers consolidating themselves to irrelevancy? Is there still a stigma to self-published novels?
Saturday 1:00 pm: Kickstarter: The Pro's and Con's (Ends at: 1:55 pm)
Panelists: Jennifer Barnes, Neil Clarke, Ron Garner (M), Laura Anne Gilman, Lawrence Watt-Evans
Kickstarter has become a new way to fund creative projects, but before you decide "Hey, I want to fund XYZ" consider what you are getting yourself into. Are you spending more money on stretch goals than you are on the project itself. What is your project? How often will you update? There is a lot of planning that goes into Kickstarter, and there is a lot to be learned not only from the success stories but the failures as well.
Sunday 12:00 pm: Self Publishing and You / DIY Publishing (Ends at: 12:55 pm)
Panelists: Jennifer Barnes, Andrew Fox (M), Jason Jack Miller, Betsy A. Riley, Steven H. Wilson
Self publishing offers authors new opportunities, but also pitfalls. Is self publishing right for you? Should readers consider self-published books? Do genre and author experience matter?
Sunday 1:00 pm: Pitch a Story (Ends at: 2:55 pm)
Panelists: Jennifer Barnes, John Edward Lawson, Heidi Ruby Miller (M)
The fine editors at Raw Dog Screaming Press are willing to let attendees pitch an idea. This is your chance. Sign up in advance to pitch.

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