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Semi-Final Program Grid for Gardner Dozois

This is the Semi-Final program schedule. Gardner Dozois may or may not actually be on these items, but probably will. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, modifications to the program can occur throughout the convention.

Friday 8:00 pm: Producing Your Own Anthology: From Concept to Editing to Print (Ends at: 8:55 pm)
Panelists: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Philippa Ballantine, Eric Choi, Gardner Dozois, Ron Garner (M), Jim Stratton
This panel talks a bit about the business of putting together an anthology of original fiction or even collected essays. Where do you go from the idea? What options are available? Print? eBook? Audio? How do you work with others, especially when it comes to the editorial process? Hear from the panelists tips and tricks on getting along with others and the tools needed to put together a terrific anthology, and the pros and cons on working with friends.
Friday 10:00 pm: Keith Roberts (Ends at: 10:55 pm)
Panelists: Gardner Dozois, David G. Hartwell, Darrell Schweitzer (M), Michael Walsh
Remembering the author of Pavanne.
Saturday 9:30 pm: George and Howard Show (Ends at: 11:55 pm)
Panelists: Gardner Dozois, George R.R. Martin, Howard Waldrop
They have been friends for over 50 years. They discuss anything and everything for as long as they want. BUT WAIT! There's more! Gardner Dozois joins the fun.

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