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Semi-Final Program Grid for Catherine Asaro

This is the Semi-Final program schedule. Catherine Asaro may or may not actually be on these items, but probably will. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, modifications to the program can occur throughout the convention.

Friday 6:00 pm: Author's Table Friday 6 (Ends at: 6:55 pm)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro
Friday 9:00 pm: J. K. Rowling Wrote an Adult Mystery (Ends at: 9:55 pm)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro, Scott Edelman, Betsy A. Riley, Darrell Schweitzer (M), Jon Skovron
Why do authors switch genres or markets and how does it affect their career? Do they need a different pen name for each new genre? Is it better to focus on getting good at writing one genre or experiment? What are the reasons authors write outside the areas for which they are best known?
Friday 11:00 pm: Strange Adventures -- The Sub-genres of Science Fiction Action Adventure (Ends at: 11:55 pm)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro, David Bartell, Matt Betts (M), Heidi Ruby Miller, K. Ceres Wright
People like when things happen. Since Jules Verne sent people to the moon there has been adventures in science fiction. Panelists describe the various forms of classic and modern science fiction adventure. Are these novels just plot or can talented authors tell an exciting story with good characters and strong prose?
Saturday 11:00 am: Writers and Fandom (Ends at: 11:55 am)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro, Laura Anne Gilman, Pamela K. Kinney (M), Jamie Todd Rubin, Hildy Silverman
Some authors were fans before they wrote, others came to the convention scene after getting their start. How does that affect fan interaction? Does it make a difference in how authors view conventions?
Saturday 12:00 pm: Space Wars (Ends at: 12:55 pm)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro, Edward M. Lerner, Jamie Todd Rubin, Janine Spendlove, Christopher Weuve (M)
How would it be waged and why? Why would you want to go to war with a planet that takes 30 years to get to? What books have the best space wars?
Saturday 2:00 pm: The Imperial March (Ends at: 2:55 pm)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro (M), Charles E. Gannon, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Ian Randal Strock, Lawrence Watt-Evans
Why are they always Galactic Empires? Why not republics, democracies and confederacies? Why do we assume that the future government is going to be some autocracy from the past? Is the Galactic Empire more romantic or just easier to write?
Saturday 5:00 pm: Steering SF Back Toward the Future (Ends at: 5:55 pm)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro, David Bartell (M), Charles E. Gannon, Thomas Holtz
Science fiction once was about the future, but now look at it. How we redirect the field away from alternate history and steampunk toward something that might actually happen? Is science moving too quickly for writers? Or have things just gotten too complex?
Saturday 7:30 pm: Mass Signing (Ends at: 8:25 pm)
Panelists: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Catherine Asaro, Eric Bakutis, Philippa Ballantine, Matt Betts, Matt Bishop, Neil Clarke, Tom Doyle, Andrew Fox, Charles E. Gannon, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman, John G. Hemry, Alma Katsu, Annette Klause, John Edward Lawson, Dina Leacock, Edward M. Lerner, Marianne Mancusi, George R.R. Martin, James Maxey, Heidi Ruby Miller, Jason Jack Miller, James Morrow, Diana Peterfreund, Patrick Scaffido, Lawrence M. Schoen, Jon Skovron, Alan Smale, Michelle D. Sonnier, Bud Sparhawk, Janine Spendlove, Michael Swanwick, Michael A. Ventrella, Jean Marie Ward, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Steven H. Wilson, Leona Wisoker, K. Ceres Wright
The Saturday evening mass autographing session.
Sunday 1:00 pm: From Valley Forge to Ender's Battle School (Ends at: 1:55 pm)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro, Charles E. Gannon, John G. Hemry, Brian Shaw (M), Christopher Weuve
The changing nature of training soldiers. In the past it was intense and physical. How is it different today and what will it be like in the future?
Sunday 3:30 pm: Reading: Catherine Asaro (Ends at: 3:55 pm)
Panelists: Catherine Asaro

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