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Preliminary Draft Program Grid for Norm Sherman

This is the Preliminary Draft program schedule. Norm Sherman may or may not actually be on these items, but probably will. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, modifications to the program can occur throughout the convention.

Friday 4:00 pm: Podcasting - Where to Begin (Ends at: 4:55 pm) Bethesda
Panelists: Doc Coleman, Jonah Knight, Patrick Scaffido (M), Norm Sherman, John T. Williams
So you want to make your own podcast. Our experts talk you through all the information you need to get started, what you need to buy and what skills you must acquire.
Friday 5:00 pm: Humorous SF (Ends at: 5:55 pm) Rockville/ Potomac
Panelists: John Ashmead (M), Norm Sherman, Alex Shvartsman, Jean Marie Ward
It's easy to name the funny fantasy books, but what about the funny SF books and short stories? For instance, Unidentified Funny Objects was an entire anthology of funny SF.
Saturday 10:00 am: The Charms of Dystopia (Ends at: 10:55 am) Rockville/ Potomac
Panelists: Paolo Bacigalupi, Tom Doyle, Sunny Moraine, James Morrow, Norm Sherman (M)
Why is it that anyone would want to read a dystopia? Why are books like The Windup Girl popular and what does the writer and reader get out of them?
Saturday 3:00 pm: Best Short Fiction of 2014 (Ends at: 3:55 pm) Bethesda
Panelists: Scott H. Andrews, Sarah Pinsker (M), Norm Sherman, Sean Wallace, A.C. Wise
Which novellas, novelettes, and short stories published this year were your favorites? Which do you think deserve to be nominated for the Hugo/Nebula/Tiptree/World Fantasy etc? Which short fiction pieces deserve to be nominated but won't and why not?
Saturday 7:00 pm: Best Podcasts of 2014 (Ends at: 7:55 pm) Bethesda
Panelists: Doc Coleman, Patrick Scaffido (M), Norm Sherman, John T. Williams
What new and continuing new media productions from 2014 are on the must listen list?
Sunday 4:00 pm: Next Steps - What to Do After Recording Your Podcast (Ends at: 4:55 pm) Frederick
Panelists: Doc Coleman, Jonah Knight, Patrick Scaffido (M), Norm Sherman, John T. Williams
There are a lot of tutorials, presentations, and classes on how to record a podcast but when it gets to posting and sharing your cast, things seem to get glossed over. There are many components working in concert to make a podcast feed. This session aims to explain what each of those components are and how they function together. Further, we hope to show you how you can save money by picking and choosing what services provide each piece. This session will cover: choosing a hosting provider, choosing blog/podcast software; tagging mp3s; writing show notes; uploading files to a host; posting an episode; feed creation; and finally statistics/tracking.

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