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Preliminary Program Grid for Sherin Nicole

This is the Preliminary program schedule. Sherin Nicole may or may not actually be on these items, but probably will. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, modifications to the program can occur throughout the convention.

Saturday 11:00 am: Movie Adaptations of Books (Ends at: 11:55 am) Salon A
Panelists:Roger MacBride Allen, Will McIntosh, Sherin Nicole, Elaine Stiles (M)
Don't judge a book by its movie. Why does Hollywood turn great books into messes? What adaptions work and don't work and why? Who is to blame? How can fans and writers get better adaptations?
Saturday 12:00 pm: Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance (Ends at: 12:55 pm) Salon A
Panelists:Victoria Janssen, Alma Katsu, Dina Leacock (M), Sherin Nicole
Much, if not most, of urban fantasy are either mysteries with magic, romance with a paranormal, or combination of the two. Has paranormal romance completely taken over the urban fantasy subgenre? What effects has the rise of paranormal romance had on the fantasy field? Is this limiting the field? Is the subgenre in danger of becoming a self-parody? What authors and works should people be reading?
Saturday 4:00 pm: Living In The Future (Ends at: 4:55 pm) Salon A
Panelists:Roger MacBride Allen, James Morrow (M), Sherin Nicole, Gary L. Oleson
Welcome Marty McFly to 2015. In Back to the Future II, Marty takes the DeLorean to October 21, 2015, that's less than 2 weeks away. We are living in the past's future. What did they get right/wrong? What about other vehicles that traveled into their future/our past?
Saturday 6:00 pm: Diversity: Fad or Future (Ends at: 6:55 pm) Rockville/ Potomac
Panelists:Bill Campbell (M), Natalie Luhrs, Sherin Nicole, K.M. Szpara
There's lots of talk about diversity in sf/fantasy but the overwhelming majority of the best known writers and characters still remain white and usually male as well. Are these calls to diversify just a fad or will writers, publishers, and fans do something to increase diversity? And, if so, what can they do?
Sunday 10:00 am: Secretly Fantasy & SF (Ends at: 10:55 am) Bethesda
Panelists:Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen, Andrew Fox, James Morrow (M), Sherin Nicole
Some science fiction and fantasy is published secretly in the mainstream. From the Night Circus to MaddAddam, from the Time Traveler's Wife to Atkinson's Life After Life, literary books are using sf & fantasy concepts. Why aren't these books published as genre? What do they do right and wrong? How can readers who like the fantastic find these disguised novels?

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