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General Informational Requests that don't fit any other category: Information (info)
Chair: Cathy Green (chair)
Con Suite: Sam Hogan
Con Ops: Roger Burns
Green Room: Judy Scheiner
Dealers Room: Candy Madigan (dealers)
Fan Tables: Courtni Burleson (fantables)
Games Master: Sam Hogan
Guest of Honor Liaison: Bill Lawhorn
Hotel Liason: Robert MacIntosh
Party Czar: Robert MacIntosh (party)
Programming: Cathy Green (program)
Publications: Michael Nelson (publications)
Publicity: Sam Lubell
Pre-Con Registration: Sam Scheiner (registration)
At Con Registration: Aaron and Angela Pound
Restaurant Guide: Richard and Nicki Lynch
Silent Auction Coordinators: Colleen Cahill and Judy Kindell (silent_auction)
Social Media Guru and Dodo Wrangler: Sarah Mitchell
Tech Goddess: Kathi Overton
Treasurer: Sam Scheiner
Volunteers: Courtni Burleson (volunteers)
Website: Paul Haggerty & Gayle Surrette (webmaster)
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Head Sheep Shearer: Rosie Cotton (sheep)
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