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Preliminary Program Grid for Jim Freund

This is the Preliminary program schedule. Jim Freund may or may not actually be on these items, but probably will. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, modifications to the program can occur throughout the convention.

Friday 3:00 pm: What Should Be In Your NetFlix Queue? (Ends at: 3:55 pm) Bethesda
Panelists:Jim Freund (M), Will McIntosh, Hildy Silverman
What science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies should everyone see?  What are your favorite movies and why do they deserve your love? Are there short films available online that you think everyone should check out?
Friday 4:00 pm: Guided by Voices (Ends at: 4:55 pm) Frederick
Panelists:Jim Freund (M), K.M. Szpara, Steven H. Wilson
And entertained by them too. Some of today's top stories are now being podcast. How do podcasts expand the market? Where to find them? Who should you be listening to on a regular basis?
Friday 11:00 pm: Vampires and Angels and Faeries, Oh My! (Ends at: 11:55 pm) Frederick
Panelists:Jim Freund (M), Hildy Silverman, K.M. Szpara
Vampires, zombies, fae and angels have all had their day as the top the urban fantasy/paranormal romance supernatural being. What mythical and supernatural being will be the new #1? Which supernatural beings will never get there? Why are werewolves always second best?
Saturday 3:00 pm: Lawrence Watt-Evans/Jim Freund Signing (Ends at: 3:55 pm) Author's hallway table
Authors:Jim Freund, Lawrence Watt-Evans
Saturday 4:00 pm: Reading Aloud for Writers (Ends at: 5:55 pm) Seneca
Coordinator:Jim Freund (M)
Jim Freund, host of the long-running "Hour of the Wolf" broadcast radio program as well as Lightspeed Magazine's podcast, provides practical advice and feedback on how to read your work aloud - whether for a podcast, radio audience, audiobook, or in front of a live audience. Limited to 15 people.
Sunday 10:00 am: SF/F In Translation (Ends at: 10:55 am) Suite 1209
Panelists:Jim Freund (M), James Morrow, Kathryn Morrow, Alex Shvartsman
Panelists discuss what makes a good translation. How literal does it need to be? What cultural markers do and do not translate? How does the translator capture the author's voice yet still keep the work comprehensible to an audience that doesn't speak the original language and may not be familiar with the culture in which the author lives/lived.

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