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Preliminary Program Grid for Michelle D. Sonnier

This is the Preliminary program schedule. Michelle D. Sonnier may or may not actually be on these items, but probably will. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, modifications to the program can occur throughout the convention.

Friday 5:00 pm: Michelle Sonnier Reading (Ends at: 5:25 pm) Bethesda
Author:Michelle D. Sonnier
Friday 6:00 pm: The Taxonomy of Fantasy (Ends at: 6:55 pm) Rockville/ Potomac
Panelists:Michelle D. Sonnier, Michael Swanwick, Lawrence Watt-Evans
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Mythic Fantasy, etc. How many types of fantasy are there? Readers' tastes evolve over time. Which types of fantasy are currently the most popular, which are becoming less popular, where is fantasy headed and why?
Friday 7:00 pm: Toward A More Diverse Genre (Ends at: 7:55 pm) Salon A
Panelists:Sarah Avery, Craig L. Gidney, Vanessa Phin (M), Michelle D. Sonnier, K.M. Szpara
How do authors portray persons of color, the disabled, and gender in their stories? Science fiction and fantasy have come a long way and have often been at the forefront of these issues and sometimes not. What more needs to be done? What's the next step in portraying a more diverse universe?
Friday 8:00 pm: Everyone is a Hero in Her Own Story (Ends at: 8:55 pm) Frederick
Panelists:Jack Campbell - John G. Hemry, Brenda W. Clough (M), Will McIntosh, Michelle D. Sonnier
Engaging characters draw the reader's interest and keep him/her interested in following the story all the way through. So how does the author create three dimensional characters that the reader is interested in? Villains and side characters need to be "3D" as well, not just cardboard cutouts or stereotypical toons. How do you "show" motivations and characteristics of your characters without "telling" via biographical essays each time a new character appears?
Saturday 11:00 am: Reimagining Fairy Tales (Ends at: 11:55 am) Rockville/ Potomac
Panelists:Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen, Margaret Ronald, Jon Skovron, Michelle D. Sonnier, A.C. Wise (M)
Who doesn't love a fairy tale retelling? Part of the universal appeal of fairy tales is that they were never a static form, at least not as an oral tradition. Re-tellers have used these archetypes and modes to spin new variations ever since these stories first came to the page. Angela Carter once said that "Ours is a highly individualized culture, with a great faith in the work of art as a unique one-off.... But fairy tales are not like that, and nor are their makers." We can find fresh insight into our own lives and connections through these age old tales. This panel will focus on a variety of approaches in reconstructing fairy tales with a modern bent, both in their favorite respins and in their own work.
Saturday 4:00 pm: Use of Mythology in Science Fiction and Fantasy (Ends at: 4:55 pm) Salon A
Panelists:Jack Campbell - John G. Hemry, Carolyn Ives Gilman, Scott Roberts, Michelle D. Sonnier, Jean Marie Ward (M)
There are a lot of different mythologies out there, with both similarities and differences. How do we incorporate and adapt them when writing our stories. What's acceptable to adapt and change, especially when using a mythology from a culture not one's own. E.g. dragons in Europe and dragons in various Asian countries often have quite different motives and personalities ascribed to them.
Sunday 12:00 pm: Michelle Sonnier Signing (Ends at: 12:55 pm) Author's hallway table
Author:Michelle D. Sonnier
Sunday 3:00 pm: The Economics of Magic (Ends at: 3:55 pm) Frederick
Panelists:Jeanne Adams, Michelle D. Sonnier, Jean Marie Ward (M), Lawrence Watt-Evans
How do you use magic in your fantasy work so that it doesn't become a get out of jail free option? When your characters use magic what are the costs to the magic user or the fantasy world? Should conservation of energy apply?

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