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Preliminary Program Grid for Jeanne Adams

This is the Preliminary program schedule. Jeanne Adams may or may not actually be on these items, but probably will. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, modifications to the program can occur throughout the convention.

Friday 3:00 pm: "Holy Shuftik!" He Cried. (Ends at: 3:55 pm) Frederick
Panelists:Jeanne Adams (M), Lawrence M. Schoen, Jon Skovron
How does an author create a distinctive language for characters in the future or in a different world and keep it understandable to the reader?  What's the right balance between creating language and making sure the reader can figure it out without a dictionary appendix to the story?
Friday 5:00 pm: Science Fiction: 50 Shades of Hard (and Soft) (Ends at: 5:55 pm) Rockville/ Potomac
Panelists:Jeanne Adams (M), Charles E. Gannon, Lezli Robyn
Just as there are many, many subgenres of fantasy, there are also many subgenres of science fiction. E.g. first contact novels, space opera, military sf, dystopias, etc. what are the current trends and pluses and minuses of various SF subgenres?
Friday 10:00 pm: Writing Decent Sex Scenes (Ends at: 10:55 pm) Frederick
Panelists:Jeanne Adams (M), Bernie Mojzes, Sunny Moraine, K.M. Szpara
Do you fade to black? How anatomical do you want to get? What works and what doesn't. Will include writing for both professional publication and fanfiction.
Saturday 11:00 am: Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading (Ends at: 11:55 am) Bethesda
Panelists:Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jeanne Adams, V. Hartman DiSanto, Elektra Hammond, Karen Wester Newton, Jennifer Povey, Janine Spendlove, Denise Timpko, Jean Marie Ward (M)
Broad Universe is an international organization with the primary goal of promoting science fiction, fantasy, and horror written by women. Members will be doing readings from their own works
Saturday 3:00 pm: 75 Years of Wonder Woman (Ends at: 3:55 pm) Rockville/ Potomac
Panelists:Jeanne Adams, Victoria Janssen (M), Janine Spendlove, Fran Wilde
It's been 75 years since Wonder Woman first appeared in Sensation Comics Issue #1. In that time she's been in comic books, animated TV shows, a live action TV show and the recent extremely popular movie starring Gal Gadot. Panelists discuss the character and her interpretation over the years.
Sunday 10:00 am: Jeanne Adams Signing (Ends at: 10:55 am) Author's hallway table
Author:Jeanne Adams
Sunday 1:00 pm: SF/F as Literature of the Diaspora (Ends at: 1:55 pm) Rockville/ Potomac
Panelists:Jeanne Adams, Martin Berman-Gorvine, Yosef Lindell
Unless you're indigenous, Americans come from someplace else. We're Jews who don't live in the shtetl or in Israel, Chinese people who don't live in China, Irish-Americans whose ancestors left home during the potato famine, etc. What are the implications of this dual identity and how does it inform our writing?
Sunday 3:00 pm: The Economics of Magic (Ends at: 3:55 pm) Frederick
Panelists:Jeanne Adams, Michelle D. Sonnier, Jean Marie Ward (M), Lawrence Watt-Evans
How do you use magic in your fantasy work so that it doesn't become a get out of jail free option? When your characters use magic what are the costs to the magic user or the fantasy world? Should conservation of energy apply?

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