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Hours of Operations
Registration (outside Randolph)
Friday 3pm-9:30pm
Saturday 9:30am-9pm
Sunday 9:30am-2pm
For registration outside these hours, see Ops.

Dealer's Room (Plaza 3)
Friday: 4pm-8pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-3pm

Con Suite (Jefferson)
Friday: 6pm-1am
Saturday: 10am-1am
Sunday: 10am-3pm

Con Ops (Rm 301)
Friday: 4pm-8pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-3pm

Hotel Floor Map for Capclave 2007 Programming

Programming Room Map for Capclave 2007

Draft Program Grid

This is the draft program scheduled. While the final program will be very similar, there is the possiblity of a few changes being made over the last few days before the con.

Also available: Program Schedule in PDF Format

Friday7:00pmSmall Press PublishingRunning a book publishing company, publishing a magazine or semi-pro zine. What's worked for you? What hasn't? How do you handle the intellectual property rights? How do your publicize you product? How do you get it into stores? What should your website look like? What should Capclave members be looking to buy or subscribe to from small presses?Lawrence M. Schoen (m), Sean Wallace, Neil Clarke, John Betancourt, Roger MacBride Allen, George ScithersAdams
Friday7:00pmCan a small town elf make it in the big city?Urban fantasyJim Freund (m) Michael Swanwick, Tom Doyle, Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen, Jeri Smith-ReadyPlaza II
Friday7:00pmSettlers of CapclaveIntroduction to European board games. Why Settlers of Catan is the best game ever. And what's up with all those trains? Find out which games you should be playing and then play them at the con.Perianne Lurie (m), Hal Haag, William S. LawhornRandolph
Friday8:00pmGuest of Honor EventEllen Datlow and Jeffrey Ford Interview each other Plaza II
Friday8:00pmChildren's ProgrammingRun by Peggy Rae Sapienza Randolph
Friday9:00pmIs that a Maltese Falcon in your pocket or are you just happy to read me?Neo-pulp: what is it, who's writing it, and where do you find it?Davey Beauchamp (m), David J. Williams, Matt Jarpe, Lon PraterAdams
Friday9:00pmThe 2007-2008 TV seasonWhat's on and what's worth watching? Discuss new and returning science fiction, fantasy and horror shows on TV. Why are there so many upcoming vampire detective shows these days? Upcoming mid-season replacement shows are fair game too.Michael Zipser (m), Perianne Lurie, Michael PedersonPlaza II
Friday9:00pmReadingRoger McBride Allen 9-9:30
Victoria McManus 9:30-10pm
Friday10:00pmIf I ran the studioWhat books and stories would you adapt to film? Live action or animated? Why do film studios insist on optioning novels when short form fiction is really the ideal length for being adapted to film?Michael Zipser, Jim Freund (m), Michael Pederson, Darrell SchweitzerAdams
Friday10:00pmDon't go there. Unless you really want to.Taboo subjects in fantasy, science fiction and horror. Are there any? What lines won't you cross? What lines should you cross? If the panelists can get through the hour without mentioning the Sturgeon story, the programming chair will bake them all cookies (or fudge).Ian Randal Strock, Lawrence Watt-Evans, George Scithers (m), Steve StilesPlaza II
Friday10:00pmReadingMichael Swanwick 10:00-10:30pm
Nancy Jane Moore 10:30-11:00pm
Friday11:00pmWhy does my protagonist look like Julie Bell?How do books get their covers? What are the best and worst cover illustrations you've ever had?Roger MacBride Allen (m), Lawrence Watt-Evans, Michael Swanwick, Jeri Smith-ReadyAdams
Friday11:00pmWhere's the humorous SF?It's easy to name the funny fantasy books, but where are the funny SF books? Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers and Bill the Galactic Hero can't possibly be the last time someone wrote an intentionally funny space opera.Matt Jarpe, Jim Freund (m), Steve Stiles, David J. WilliamsPlaza II
Friday11:00pmAlternative Sexualities in SFFHow well are alternative sexualities (or any sexuality) portrayed in science fiction and fantasy?Nancy Jane Moore (m), Tom Doyle, Bud SparhawkRandolph
Saturday9:00amReadingLawrence M. Schoen 9:00-9:30pm
Bud Sparhawk 9:30-10:00
Saturday10:00amBiology - the other hard SFIt's not all computers and physics. Where's the love for the genetically altered and the killer viruses?Matt Jarpe (m), Perianne Lurie, Doug Fratz, Ed Lerner, Sam ScheinerAdams
Saturday10:00amIs There Room in an SF Universe for God?If physics and biology are supposed to explain everything, what's left for God to do?Michael Swanwick, Bud Sparhawk, Robert Scott, Karl Schroeder, John G. Hemry (m)Plaza II
Saturday10:00amAutographingDavid Hartwell, Nancy Jane Moore Plaza III
Saturday10:00amWriters WorkshopBring paper and a writing implement. All else will be explained at the beginning of the session.

Limited to 10 participants

Allen Wold, with L. Jagi Lamplighter, Edmund Schubert, and Jeri Smith-ReadyRandolph
Saturday11:00am60 Years of WSFAHistory of the Washington Science Fiction Association and its place in fandomPeggy Rae Sapienza (m),Ted White, Michael Walsh, Elaine Stiles, Steve Stiles, George ScithersAdams
Saturday11:00amSo you want to put together an anthology?How do the stories get picked? How do you come up with a theme? What sells and what doesn't? How do authors produce readable fiction in the straitjacket of an original themed anthology?Ellen Datlow, Darrell Schweitzer, Lawrence M. Schoen (m), Kathryn Cramer, Davey BeauchampPlaza II
Saturday11:00amAutographingJeffrey Ford, Maria Snyder Plaza III
Saturday11:00amWriters Workshop (continued)  Randolph
Saturday12:00amThe Future of War Thomas McCabe (m), Ed LernerAdams
Saturday12:00amP.O.V.First, second and third person. When and how to use them. How many viewpoints can you sustain in a story? What works and what doesn't.Scott Edelman, Maria Snyder, Bud Sparhawk, Dennis Danvers (m)Plaza II
Saturday12:00amAutographingEllen Datlow, Michael Swanwick Plaza III
Saturday12:00amWriters Workshop (continued)  Randolph
Saturday1:00pm"Holy Shuftik!" He CriedHow does an author create a distinctive language for characters in the future or in a different world and keep it understandable to the reader? What's the right balance between creating language and making sure the reader can figure it out without a dictionary appendix to the story?John G. Hemry, Lawrence M. Schoen (m), David Louis Edelman, Tom Doyle, Catherine AsaroAdams
Saturday1:00pmDefining Jeffrey FordClassifying our author GOH and all his works. Fantasy? Mystery? New Weird? What genre is he?Jeffrey Ford (m), Ellen Datlow, Dennis Danvers, Andy Duncan, Colleen CahillPlaza II
Saturday1:00pmAutographingKathryn Cramer, Matt Jarpe Plaza III
Saturday1:00pmReviewer's WorkshopPeter Heck gives a discussion of the problems and techniques of book reviewing, with an emphasis on reviewing of SF, fantasy and related genres.

Participants may bring a short review (under 500 words) of a recent book for group discussion. In addition to consideration of specific reviews, the workshop will focus on ways to write an effective and useful review, the relation of reviewing and criticism, and the requirements of different audiences.

Limited to 12 participants.

Peter HeckRandolph
Saturday2:00pmRomance and SF/FThese days it seems as if half the books in the science fiction and fantasy section of the bookstore are being reviewed in the Romance Times and nominated for awards in the romance genre. When and how did the genre lines become blurred? Were the distinctions always artificial? Has crossing over into the romance genre increased the readership of SF/F?Victoria McManus (m), Mary Jo Putney, Jeri Smith-Ready, Maria Snyder, Bud SparhawkAdams
Saturday2:00pmHeinlein CentennialDiscussion of Heinlein's impact on the field, the themes in his work, the juveniles and why more of his books haven't been made into films.Yoji Kondo (m), Roger MacBride Allen, David Hartwell, George Scithers, John G. Hemry, Michael DirdaPlaza II
Saturday2:00pmAutographingDavey Beaucamp, Ed Lerner Plaza III
Saturday2:00pmReviewer's Workshop (continued)  Randolph
Saturday3:00pmCosmologists Should Pay Darth Vader for the Dark EnergyYes, there will be actual science programming at Capclave!Yoji Kondo/Eric KotaniAdams
Saturday3:00pmHarry Potter AutopsyDid the Deathly Hallows live up to your expectations? Was it even possible for it to do so? Were you happy with the resolution? What would you have done differently?Ann Crispin, David Louis Edelman, Davey Beauchamp, Andy Duncan, Maria Snyder, Doug Fratz (m)Plaza II
Saturday3:00pmAutographingCatherine Asaro, Karl Schroeder Plaza III
Saturday3:00pmContracts WorkshopJane Jewell, Executive Director of SFWA, with Michael Capobianco, will give you insight into the arcana of contracts: What do those terms mean? Sub-Rights? Territories? Reserve Against Returns? What to look out for. What you can usually change just by asking. What they won't budge an inch on. All those things that you'd really rather learn before you start negotiating your next contract!

Limited to 15 participants.

Jane JewellRandolph
Saturday4:00pmBest books of 2007Discuss your favorite new books of 2007. Which novels deserve your Hugo/Nebula/Tiptree/etc nomination? What novels won't be nominated and deserve to be and why not?Jim Freund (m), David Hartwell, Scott Edelman, Doug Fratz, Ernest LilleyAdams
Saturday4:00pmGOH EventJeffrey Ford Reading Plaza II
Saturday4:00pmAutographingLawrence M. Schoen, Lawrence Watt-Evans  Plaza III
Saturday4:00pmContracts Workshop (continued)  Randolph
Saturday5:00pmThe Middle Ages SuckedThe majority of the population was serfs, the Black Death was killing people off in vast numbers and there was no indoor plumbing. Life was nasty, brutish and often short. So why are so many fantasy novels are set in pseudo-medieval societies? What's the attraction?Darrell Schweitzer, Mary Jo Putney, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Tom Doyle (m), Lon PraterAdams
Saturday5:00pmPlaying well with Others: Co-editingPartnerships in editing. How does co-editing differ from co-authoring?Ellen Datlow, David Hartwell, Edmund Schubert (m), Lawrence M. Schoen, George ScithersPlaza II
Saturday5:00pmHow to Get a Real AgentThis two hour mini-workshop will be conducted by SFWA's Chair of Writer Beware. Ann Crispin will discuss sources for locating and querying appropriate agents with good track records of sales. She will also instruct participants on how to avoid the many incompetent or outright scam agents proliferating these days. Participants should bring their query letter, and Ms. Crispin will critique it and make suggestions for improvement.

Limited to 10 participants.

Ann CrispinRandolph
Saturday6:00pmTurn, Turn, TurnOnce upon a time Westerns and SF ruled while fantasy crept through the shadows. Then the Tolkien Asteroid hit and caused a mass die-off in Westerns and SF while fantasy multiplied to rule the world, even devouring much of Romance. Is the fantasy era still going strong, or are there any signs that fantasy is faltering and a new age of genre literature may soon evolve?John G. Hemry (m), Catherine Asaro, Brenda Clough, Edmund Schubert, Victoria McManusAdams
Saturday6:00pmClosed For Party Setup  Plaza II
Saturday6:00pmHow to Get a Real Agent (continued)  Randolph
Saturday7:00pmWhy is "Genre" a Dirty Word?Let's talk about the way so many people talk about genre fiction with an air of not-so-vague Puritan guilt -- they might feel that reading genre is, somehow, lowering or perhaps they were scared in the cradle by somebody equating "make-believe" with filth.Mary Jo Putney, Scott Edelman, Dennis Danvers (m), Ian Randal Strock, Kathryn CramerAdams
Saturday7:00pmClosed For Party Setup  Plaza II
Saturday7:00pmReadingMaria Snyder 7:00-7:30pm
John G. Hemry 7:30-8:00pm
Saturday8:00pmWhat should be in your Netflix queueWhat science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies should everyone see? What are your favorite movies and why do they deserve your love?Michael Zipser, Jim Freund (m), Barbara Krasnoff, Ernest Lilley, David J. WilliamsAdams
Saturday8:00pmClosed For Party Setup  Plaza II
Saturday8:00pmReadingLon Prater 8:00-8:30pm
Andy Duncan 8:30-9:00pm
The WSFA Small Press Award ceremony will be held during the party. Plaza II
Saturday10:00pmWSFA Birthday Continues (until 10:30pm)  Plaza II
Saturday10:00pmReadingJeri-Smith-Ready 10:00-10:30pm Randolph
Saturday11:00pmCurrent and Changing Gender Roles in SF/FDiscussion of the changing roles women have played in shaping science fiction. This can range from considering the range of women characters in SF (from sex objects to 3-D characters in stories) to questioning whether and how women's roles as authors, editors, and reviewers in the science fiction field and as fans have changed.Nancy Jane Moore (m), Barbara Krasnoff, Ernest LilleyAdams
Saturday11:00pmReadingTom Doyle 11:00-11:30pm
David Louis Edelman 11:30pm-midnight
Sunday9:00amChildren's ProgrammingRun by Peggy Rae Sapienza Adams
Sunday9:00amWriters Workshop follow-up session Allen Wold, Jeri Smith-ReadyRandolph
Sunday10:00amWhere's the new and recent YA science fiction?Who's writing SF for children, tweens and teens these days? Or do I have to give my cousin's kid Farmer in the Sky for Hanukah? Harry Potter isn't the Universe. Discussion of the interesting genre (SF/F/H) books for kids that have come out in the past couple of years, with an emphasis on science fiction, as it seems to be overwhelmed by fantasy these days.Victoria McManus (m), Davey Beauchamp, John G. HemryAdams
Sunday10:00amThe End of the World As We Know ItAccording to various ancient calendars/prophetic works, it all ends on December 21, 2012. Do we believe it? What, if anything, can we do to prepare? Should we? Do we want to survive such an event?Darrell Schweitzer (m), Karl Schroeder, Roger MacBride Allen, Tom DoylePlaza II
Sunday10:00amAutographingDavid Louis Edelman, John Betancourt Plaza III
Sunday10:00amReadingMatt Jarpe 10:00-10:30am
Barbara Krasnoff 10:30-11:00am
Sunday11:00amAstronomy and Science FictionExploring strange new worlds happens as often at a writer's keyboard as it does at an astronomer's eyepiece. In the real world, planets get promoted and demoted. Discuss astronomy in science fiction.Yoji Kondo(Eric Kotani), Karl Schroeder, Roger MacBride Allen, Michael CapobiancoAdams
Sunday11:00amBest short fiction of 2007Which SF/F/H novellas, novelettes, and short stories published this year were your favorites? Which do you think deserve to be nominated for the Hugo/Nebula/Tiptree/etc? Which short fiction pieces deserve to be nominated but won't and why not?Ellen Datlow, Kathryn Cramer, Jim Freund (m), Sean WallacePlaza II
Sunday11:00amAutographingAndy Duncan, Jeri Smith-Ready Plaza III
Sunday11:00amChildren's ProgrammingRun by Peggy Rae Sapienza Randolph
Sunday12:00amLibraryThing and other bibliophilic sitesCool sites on the net that every book lover should be aware of. Will include a practical demonstration.Colleen Cahill (m), Lawrence M. Schoen, David Louis Edelman, Barbara KrasnoffAdams
Sunday12:00amRe-ReadingShare some of your favorite books to re-read with us -- and tell us why.Jeffrey Ford, Brenda Clough, Lon Prater, Nancy Jane Moore, Jim Freund (m)Plaza II
Sunday12:00amReadingRobert Scott noon-12:30pm
John Betancourt 12:30-1pm
Sunday1:00pmThe New Weird, The Interstitial ArtsWhat are we trying to accomplish by defining new ways of looking at all/some/a small piece of speculative fiction/science fiction/fantasy?Jeffrey Ford, Kathryn Cramer (m), Dennis Danvers, Marilyn "Mattie" BrahenAdams
Sunday1:00pmFirst Sentence, First Paragraph: What Does It Take To Grab You?Great first sentences, to work, have to be sneaky or elegant. But great first sentences are rare. So what qualities does a novel or story have to have to make you keep reading beyond that first sentence or first paragraph?Ellen Datlow, Allen Wold (m), Andy Duncan, Ian Randal Strock, Brenda CloughPlaza II
Sunday1:00pmEverything old is new again: Re-imagining and remaking the classicsWhy have Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica and Smallville succeeded and Flash Gordon and Enterprise failed horribly? Buffy and Stargate successfully made the transition to tv. Total Recall and Timecop - not so much. Michael Zipser, Michael Pederson (m), Barbara Krasnoff, George ScithersRandolph
Sunday2:00pmGoing Beyond the BookmarkWe all know publishers have a limited amount of money to spend when it comes to promoting books. The majority of the effort rests with the author. This panel will discuss unique promotions available to authors, and will look at gimmicks versus giveaways--what works and what ends up in the trash.Maria Snyder (m), Davey Beauchamp, Roger MacBride AllenAdams
Sunday2:00pmWhy are Timid Female Characters still so common in YA fiction?Why are the girls still waiting for the guys to act in emergencies, while having to do the ugly stuff themselves? Why do they all fall in love with and want to have sex with the guy while he gets to coast along and make all the decisions? Why does the guy get to have it all but the girl has to choose between magic and marriage?Victoria McManus (m), Lon Prater, Ernest Lilley, John G. HemryPlaza II
Sunday2:00pmGripe SessionTell the ConComm what they did right and what they did wrong.Colleen Cahill, Cathy Green, Sam Scheiner, Bill LawhornRandolph

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