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Workshops at Capclave
Capclave workshops are interactive sessions with a small group learning from each other and from our program participants. These topics are ideal for new writers, those wanting to become writers, and those wishing to understand the business side of things. Many workshops have limited room. Sign up by sending email to or sign up at the convention at the registration table.
Sat 10am Randloph - Podcast Workshop (2 hours)
Participants: Nobilis Reed (m)
  How can you do a podcast? How can you make sure people know about it? This is a practical workshop with instructions for what hardware and software is needed to podcast your own voice.  
Sat 12am Randolph - Writers Workshop (2 hours Sat, 1 hour Sun)
Participants: Allen Wold (m), Davey Beauchamp, Edmund Schubert
  Allen Wold and friends will help you become a better writer. Bring paper and a writing implement. All else will be explained at the beginning of the session.  
Sat 2pm Randolph - Contracts Workshop (2 hours)
Participants: Jane Jewell (m), Michael Capobianco
  Jane Jewell, Executive Director of SFWA, will give you insight into the arcana of contracts: What do those terms mean? Sub-Rights? Territories? Reserve Against Returns? What to look out for. What you can usually change just by asking. What they won't budge an inch on. All those things that you'd really rather learn before you start negotiating your next contract.  
Sat 4pm Randolph - Manuscript Workshop (2 hours)
Participants: A.C Crispin (m)
  The Top Five Reasons Manuscripts are Rejected and How to Fix These Problems. (Limited to 20 active participants). Bestselling novelist A.C. Crispin will list and discuss the top five writing-related reasons manuscripts are rejected, and give specific advice on how writers can address these problems in their short stories and novels. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions. Each attendee should bring the first five pages of his/her current writing project, and, time permitting, Ms. Crispin will oversee an exercise in which participants review and ID the problem with the excerpts. If time permits, as a last exercise, Ms. Crispin will ask for one volunteer, and she will personally read and critique this excerpt, with emphasis on identifying and solving the "top five" problems she has discussed in the workshop.  
Sat 6pm Randolph - Reading Aloud Workshop (1 hour)
Participants: Jim Freund (m)
  Radio personality Jim Freund gives advice to authors on how to use their voice in readings.  
Sat 7pm Randolph - Reviewers Workshop (2 hours)
Participants: Peter Heck (m), Doug Fratz
  Peter Heck gives a discussion of the problems and techniques of book reviewing, with an emphasis on reviewing of SF, fantasy and related genres. Participants may bring a short review (under 500 words) of a recent book for group discussion. In addition to consideration of specific reviews, the workshop will focus on ways to write an effective and useful review, the relation of reviewing and criticism, and the requirements of different audiences. Limited to 12 participants.  

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